The Aims and Objectives for which the organization (NGO) is established are as follows:-

1. To undertake activities in Health, Environment, Tourism. Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Education, Poverty Alleviation, Human Rights, Women Rights and Child Rights.

2. To undertake, support and subsidize measure, programmed, plans and schemes for rural uplift socio-economic welfare and modernization of rural areas especially in Health and Education.

3. To undertake, maintain, manage, subsidize and otherwise assist in the completion of project, plans, scheme and pilot programs for the prevention, treatment, cure and elimination of diseases and skinless of all kinds particularly those affecting mothers and children, provision of medical, clinic, and Para-medical facilities.

4. To arrange meetings, conferences and training programs/workshop for creating awareness and spreading knowledge about the safe drinking water.

5. To work for the overall development of Rural Areas.

6. Take measure to improve drinking water, canal, water courses, wells, and tanks.

7. Strengthening Women participation in developmental activities.

8. Addressing poverty through education and skill training and with special Focus on vulnerable and marginalized group like women and children.

9. To develop national policy, civil society and human resource through education.

10. To establish and maintain a faculty of distinction, which by its scholarship, learning and dedication to education, natural and social sciences research and development will serve as a source of intellectual, academic and scientific talent. Contribute to rapid assimilation in the country of intellectual endeavor and which would be instrumental in producing an intellectual reservoir of manpower to meet the growing needs of national and international community.

11. To act as consultants and advisors in health, education, poverty alleviation, human rights, women rights, (including but not restricted to gender equality, domestic violence, empowerment of women etc), child rights (child labor, child sexual abuse (etc), environment, family planning, reproductive health, mother and child health care, income generation, vocational training etc, refuges, orphans, children and other inmates in jails and other allied activities.